New launch of High efficiency 99% type of Once-through boiler for overseas market

July. 1, 2021


Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (KTE) announces the launch of High efficient type of Once-through boiler from "IF series" and "WILLHEAT" series for overseas market. Boiler efficiency 99% type of "IF series" and "WILLHEAT" are available from July 2021, which deliver great energy saving.

"IF series" achieves High boiler efficiency: 99% by newly developed high performance economizer.

"WILLHEAT", which is steam boiler with heat surface less than 10m2, also achieves High boiler efficiency 99%, and Equivalent evaporation 2,500 kg/h and 3,000 kg/h model are newly launched.

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Boiler specifications


IF series (Natural gas fired)

WILLHEAT (Natural gas fired)

IF-3000 / IF-4000 / IF-5000 / IF-6000

WF-2500GEX / WF-3000GEX

Equivalent evaporation

3,000kg/h to 6,000kg/h

2,500 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h

Maximum working pressure

0.98MPa to 1.96MPa

0.98 MPa

Once-through Boiler
IF series (IF-6000JGE)

Once-through Boiler

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