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1. Overview of Cookies

Cookies are small data files stored on a user device such as a computer when a user accesses a website, and are used to identify the user the next time that they access the same website.

2. Use of Cookies on This Website

This website uses cookies to provide more appropriate information to users, measure/analyze the website, and improve the user experience. Cookies and the information they retrieve are not used for identifying individuals, but such information may become personal information by associating it with personal information.

3. Use of Google Analytics

This website uses the Google Analytics service provided by Google, Inc. to analyze user website usage. Google Analytics uses cookies issued by Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. to analyze website usage. Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. receives analysis results from Google, Inc. to understand website usage. Information is managed based on the privacy policy of Google, Inc.
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4. Disabling Cookies

Many browsers are set to automatically receive cookies by default, but the browser settings can be changed to disable cookies. However, some content of this website may not be able to be used if cookies are disabled.
For information on changing the cookie settings, see the official support website for the browser you are using.

5. Questions Regarding This Cookie Policy

If you have any questions regarding this cookie policy, please use the following form to contact us.

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