Museum Shop

Museum Shop

At the museum shop, you can buy anything from items related to Kawasaki land, sea, and air products through souvenirs with a Kobe Port theme to original Kawasaki Good Times World items not to be found anywhere else. Don’t miss the shop when you visit the museum.

Product Introduction

  • Food

    Original kawara-sembei (thin-baked cookies) bearing the Kawasaki product brand. Available in boxes of 12, 18, or 27.

  • Kobe

    Typical Kobe souvenirs are available.

  • Motorcycle

    Original motorcycle goods bearing the Kawasaki logo are available.

  • Train

    All kinds of railway goods are available.

  • Sea

    Marine-related goods such as postcards of boats are available.

  • Sky

    Aircraft goods like those related to the Blue Impulse are available.

* The shop does not accept credit cards. Please pay in cash.

* Many other products are also available.

* Products shown here may undergo changes, including those to specifications or prices etc., without notice, or may no longer be offered for sale.

* The shop does not handle mail-order sales.