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A megascreen dynamically displaying Kawasaki products welcomes you to Kawasaki World.
Introducing Kawasaki founder Shozo Kawasaki and the first president, Kojiro Matsukata.
Also featured is a history of Kawasaki Dockyard Co., Ltd., Kawasaki’s predecessor, an overview of Matsukata’s art collection and places in Kobe that are closely related to Kawasaki.
This area takes you through more than a century of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group's history — tracing its growth from a shipbuilding company into a comprehensive heavy industry leader — through photographs and models.
The exhibits include the first Japan-made industrial robot and the earliest models of Jet Ski personal watercraft.
Steam locomotive Tunnel boring machine used to excavate the Eurotunnel
Six large monitors and an impressive acoustics system bring a vast array of Kawasaki products to life.
This showcases vintage Kawasaki motorcycles, racing models and many others.
Visitors can explore the passenger area and cab space of the Series 0 Shinkansen.
A triple-screen audiovisual system in the Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Theater shows a ship-launching ceremony at the Kobe Works, and a shinkansen bullet train being built at the Hyogo Works.

Board a Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107II helicopter to see the cockpit and cabin area.
This introduces Kawasaki’s commitment to the global environment, featuring a vision of the future: a full-scale model of the SWIMO® light-rail vehicle.
Kawasaki’s industrial robots used in factories take various actions to introduce the company’s robotic technology and features to the visitors.
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