Absorption Chiller

Direct Fired Absorption Chiller

Double Effect Direct Fired Chiller

Gene-Link NZJ series (COP: 1.49) / NHJ series (COP: 1.43)


Base Efficio NZ series & NH series plus waste heat recovery
system to save the fuel consumption. Possible to supply Chilled Water
by only hot water during the partial load operation.

Capacity: 281kW~3,517kW
NZJ series COP: 1.49 (Chilled Water Inlet / Outlet Δt=8℃)
NHJ series COP: 1.43 (Chilled Water Inlet / Outlet Δt=8℃)

*COP ・・・ LHV (Lower Heating Value) basis

NZJ series NHJ series