Upgrade & Replacement

Upgrade & Replacement

Upgrade & Replacement

We recommend optimal robot equipment
to our clients upon gaining a proper
understanding of the issues they seek to resolve.

Engineering & Sales

We propose order-made solutions by harnessing knowledge on services cultivated to date at sites where our robots have been activated and are currently operating.

  • Request
  • Robot-utilization proposal
  • Examine the application of the proposal
  • Deliver and install
  • After-purchase services
We propose optimal solutions based on development data collected to date
We propose that existing robots be replaced by the most up-to-date robots to address client needs based on accumulated robot service activities carried out to date.
Visualizing production sites with high-precision simulations
We produce simulations of entire production sites, inclusive of robot peripherals and interlocking elements, and provide assistance with the process of turning these simulations into reality.
Providing peace of mind through post-activation after-purchase follow-up activities
We provide peace of mind through after-purchase services, which include precise teaching proposals to address any post-activation operational problems.
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duAro Rental Service

A rental service is provided to enable duAro robots, which are capable of coexisting with human beings, to be dispatched in place of temporarily dispatched human employees.

  • Perfect for busy periods and peak industrial periods
  • Can adopt a robot even for products with a short production window
  • Can be utilized for short periods on a trial basis
  • Can also be purchased after the conclusion of a rental period

duAro Rental Service inquiries