Production Support

Production Support

Production Support

In order to use your robot with peace of mind,
we provide an optimum inspection.

K-COMMIT® [Kawasaki Robot ANSHIN Lifecycle Support]

In accordance with our model of keeping things simple and friendly, we provide lifecycle support to enable clients to use their robots for many years.

TREND ManagerTREND Manager
1. TREND Manager®
We engage in preventive maintenance by monitoring the state of your robot via an online connection.
  • Remote maintenance
  • Remote operations through remote connections and visualization
  • Failure detection made possible by the real-time monitoring of data on robot operations
  • Prompt support through the automatic transmission of email on the state of equipment
Quantitative inspectionQuantitative inspection
2. Quantitative inspection
An inspection method is applied whereby inspection results for inspection items selected based on an extensive database of performed inspections and maintenance work are quantified and tendencies in terms of the state of robots are accurately diagnosed.
  • Measuring the lost motion of reducers
  • Detailed analysis of reducer grease
  • Motor brake condition inspection
Cycle of conventional periodic inspections and tendency management fixed-quantity inspections
3. K-CONNECT (Web page for members)
We are committed to providing optimal support by enhancing communications with our clients.
  • Managing robot maintenance data
  • Life-cycle maintenance proposals
  • Distributing manuals, technical materials, and special information

Providing greater peace of mind with respect to introduced robots (yearly maintenance contract option)

Prolong your peace of mind even after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty period. Clients can subscribe to a yearly maintenance contract option.

Manufacturer's warranty(1 year) -> Extending the warranty period(3 years) -> Service contract
Extended warranty period
A contract can be concluded if it has been less than one (1) year since the delivery of the product. The warranty period can be extended by up to two (2) years after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.
Stipulations governing construction costs, parts costs, and other expenses shall be in line with the manufacturer's warranty.
Service contract
This is a maintenance contract for the provision of support with respect to construction costs and other expenses.
The contents of this contract will be customized according to the condition of the client's robot.
Clients are encouraged to make inquiries with respect to any maintenance contract that could come into effect after the expiration of the term of the service contract.

“TREND Manager” is a trademark or registered trademark of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. in Japan, the United States and other countries.