25 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant with L20A Gas Turbine Delivered

Apr. 04, 2006

 Tokyo, April 4, 2006 – Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has delivered a combined cycle power plant (CCPP) for an onsite heat and power supply project being implemented by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. for automaker Daihatsu Co., Ltd. It completes the full turnkey order received in October 2004 for the plant, which has a total output of 25 MW.

 The CCPP is driven by the high-efficiency 20 MW-class L20A gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator and a steam turbine, all manufactured by Kawasaki. The plant’s power and steam will be used at Daihatsu’s Shiga (Ryuo) Plant, where dramatic improvements are expected in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

 Kawasaki began development of the L20A, driven by its proprietary technologies, in 1998, with the first unit completed in September 2000. This was installed in a cogeneration system at Kawasaki’s Akashi Works in November 2001 and has since been providing power and steam to the plant. The L20A’s first commercial installation was in 2004, when Kawasaki delivered two of the units to the Chiba Minato Power Plant, which supplies onsite heat and power for the Chiba Food Complex. With the latest delivery to Daihatsu, Kawasaki has now delivered six L20As, including three overseas.


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