First MCH-101 Helicopter Goes to Japan Defense Agency

Mar. 03, 2006

 Tokyo, March 3, 2006 – Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. today delivered the first MCH-101 helicopter, to be used for Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) missions and transportation, to the Japan Defense Agency (JDA).

 The MCH-101 is the successor of the current MH-53E, and is based on the EH-101, a multipurpose helicopter developed and manufactured by AgustaWestland and modified by Kawasaki. Powered by three engines, the MCH-101 boasts higher safety levels and flying capabilities, and a roomier cabin with enhanced transport capacity and a configuration that boosts operational efficiency. It also features fully automatic folding of its rotor blades and tail section, for convenient stowage on the warships, as well as high-performance rotor blades, an active antivibration system and a cutting-edge avionics system.

 In 2003, Kawasaki became the JDA’s prime contractor for production of the EH-101 airframe and engine. The CH-101 helicopter, which is used for Antarctic transportation, is also based on this model. Licensed manufacturing of the second MCH-101 and the first CH-101 has already begun.


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