Milestone RTM322 Engine Goes to Japan Defense Agency

Oct. 14, 2005


 Tokyo, October 14, 2005 – Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. today delivered its first domestically produced RTM322-KHI-02/8 engine to the Japan Defense Agency at the company's Akashi Works. The 2000 horsepower engine will power the MCH-101, a helicopter used for Airborne Mine Counter-Measures (AMCM) and transportation.

 The engine features a modularized structure with fewer parts (approx. 3,000) than other engines in the same class. It is equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), boasts superior anti-corrosion characteristics and durability, and delivers high reliability and maintainability. It is the third helicopter engine Kawasaki has produced domestically under license, preceded by the T53 and the T55 for the Japan Defense Agency.

 The turboshaft RTM322 was developed by Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Ltd., a joint venture of Rolls-Royce of the UK and Turbomeca of France, for midsize helicopters in the 2000 horsepower class. It was selected to power the EH Industries EH101, the Eurocopter NH90 and the AugustaWestland WAH-64 for clients in the UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Denmark and other nations.

 Kawasaki is the Defense Agency's prime contractor for the manufacture of the MCH-101 airframe and engine, as well as for the CH-101, which supports Antarctic transportation, and is also powered by the RTM322. The first MCH-101 is scheduled to be delivered in March 2006.



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