KLCC Plant

Overview of the Facility

This is the first installation of 2 sets of 5MW class GPB60 (Engine M7A-01)in Southeast Asia and the first packaging experience in this region for Kawasaki. The facility is located in Malaysia. The co-generation system supplies electricity, steam and chilled water to the world famous Petronas Towers.This building is owned by Petronas (Malaysia's National Oil & Gas Company whose head office is located in this building) and located in the center of the city of Kuala Lumpur. At the time of its construction, the Towers were the tallest buildings in the world.

These gas turbine gensets are the heart of the District Cooling System, and this is the first such facility in Southeast Asia.

Kawasaki's scope is the Gas Turbine Gensets GPB60, gas compressor and their control panels.

Features of the Facility

  1. The main fuel is natural gas supplied by Petronas. For the back up, in case of a decrease in the gas pressure supply or in an emergency, diesel oil fuel can be used in this system.
  2. With the environment of Kuala Lumpur in mind, to reduce NOx, a steam injection system has been equipped to the gas turbine gensets.
  3. The gas turbine is operated by Daily Start and Stop (DSS), so it begins operation early in the morning and ends it at night.


Gas Turbine Co-generation Facility

Model GPC60, 2 units
-end output
(when the intake air temperature is 34degC)
Generating voltage 11kV
Fuel Main: Natural gas, Buck-up: Diesel oil

Gas Turbine

Model M7A-01, 2 units
Rotational speed 14,000 rpm

Gas Turbine Generator

type Synchronous generator, 2 units
Capacity 6,481 kVA

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

type Natural circulation type; Water tube boiler, 2 units
Evaporation rate 7.6 ton/h
(ordinary use)
2.94 MPaG
( 315degC)

GDC KLCC Co-Generation Plant Configuration

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